About Me

My name is Will Hoppe, and I am a junior studying computer science at the University of Notre Dame with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence. I have been into computers for a while — Here's proof.

I have always believed that technology is worthless if the user doesn't know how to utilize it effectively. With AI, I see a future where technology is more accessible to everyone, breaking down barriers of comprehension and interaction that exist today. This vision propels me in my studies as well as practical application through projects and work experience. This has led me to take on the role of a Research Assistant working on a food accessibility application. Additionally, I have grown passionate for web development. This has driven me to create multiple websites, where I fuse creativity with functionality — ensuring each website is engaging and also user-friendly.

I am planning on graduating in 2025, but am looking for an internship position for summer 2024. Please feel free to check out my projects and contact me!